“Anatomy is searing, honest and brave.  It opens to the reader in progressively intimate revelations that enable one to experience the narrator’s visceral reality“. – Liesl Jobson

  • Judges Comment on Anatomy, winner of the DALRO Prize for best poem to appear in new Coin magazine, 2008:
  • “Kobus Moolman’s epic poem, Anatomy, is an extended meditation on the body as the place of fragmentation and reconnnection, depersonalisation and reintergration. 

The formal progression of a shaped parabola underpins this work, yet Moolman also succeeds in mimicking the misshapen corpus by contracting each sub-section.

The chorus-like repetition of key images and questions layer the work and contribute to its cohesion.”

  • 2008 – Published by Caversham Press

Read a selection of poems from the publication

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