Blind Voices

A Collection of Radio Plays:

Soldier Boy A Play that is concerned with issues of disability and the violent consequences of the so-called ‘border war’ on the fabric of South African society.  A young man returns to his overbearing father and disabled brother after a traumatic stint on the ‘border’.  He cannot cope with his experiences, and his father and brother (for their own reasons) are unable to accept and understand his pain.

Miss Dolly –  A play that deals with themes of estrangement and loneliness in a relationship between an escaped black convict and mentally handicapped white woman.  Dolly lives alone in a small house, following the death of her domineering and abusive father.  She collects bottles, cardboard, and other bits of scrap around the town which she sells to make money.  One night two escaped convicts break into her house and attack her.  One of the men forms a relationship with Dolly, as they discover their mutual rejection by society.

  • 2007 – Published by Botsotso Publishing

To buy Book: R100 + R20 (Postage within South Africa).  Contact:

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