Time like Stone

Time Like Stone

“Kobus Moolman’s poems speak in the silences of our interactions with others and ourselves.  His close observations of what is immediate – and often imperfect – inspire poems that show us how to look at the everyday with new eyes.  Time like Stone also contains excerpts from Moolman’s Karoo journal, written during his stay in Nieu-Bethesda after winning the Helen Martins Fellowship, which trace the poets struggle for language over silence” 

  •  Judges’s comments on Time like Stone, winner of the Ingrid Jonker Award, 2001: 

“In the exquisite yet simple construction of his poetic statements, Moolman’s work reads like a personal dialogue with the universe.  The reader is invited into the poet’s reflections.

The reader can imagine the poet’s life, a gradual journey, at times all amazement through the world. One reads these poems and returns to individual pieces with delight.  Because they don’t make strenuous demands on one’s attention.

Looking at things the senses come into play. The reader observes rustic characters, the earth, atmosphere, heavenly bodies and the sky, the colours of the day and night.

Kobus Moolman’s poetry reads like a quiet journey of discovery that is in actual fact inquiries about and amazement at small areas of mental landscape.” – Joan Hambidge and Peter Clarke

  • 2000 – Purblished by University of Natal Press

Read a selection of poems from the publication

To buy book: R100 + R20 (postage within South Africa). Contact: kobusman@telkomsa.net


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  1. Cath Nichols says:

    I wanted to email but I’ll do this instead. I just found out about your recent collection. I’ve had an article and four mini-reviews commissioned by Poetry Wales on poetry and disability. It will be in the summer 2016 issue. It might be worth sending the collection to the editor for a separate review? Nia Davies is one of the few UK editors to express an interest in the subject and was open to a discussion that gets past disability as a metaphor, a location of pity, or other such irritating misuses. I tried four UK mags before getting a response from her! Or, if you’ve an idea for an an article, now would be a good time to approach her I think.
    Best wishes,
    Cath Nichols (I teach CW at Leeds Uni but this is my home email)

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